Golden Records Vinyl to CD/MP3 Converter 2.06

Golden Records Vinyl to CD/MP3 Converter 2.06: Convert your vinyl record or tape to CD with Golden Records. tapes by downloading Golden Records to convert your vinyl LP records, tapes or cassettes to wav or mp3 files. Save these new digital files on your PC, upload them to your iPod, or directly burn them to a cd with Golden Records` own CD Burner. Features: * Easy to use wizard takes you through the conversion process. * Restoration tools automatically clean up damaged audio. * Remove hiss, clicks and pops from old tapes or scratched records. * Automatically

myOwn10Key 9.1: Professional Grade, Totally Green Adding Machine. Preferred By Professionals.
myOwn10Key 9.1

Professional Grade, Totally Green Tape Adding Machine. Preferred By Accounting Professionals. myOwn10-Key has loads of features not available on any mechanical adding machine at any price. This program pays for itself quickly with reduced office supply expenses and fewer replacement equipment purchases. You no longer have to buy packages of adding machine tape or boxes of ribbon cartridges.

tape adding machine, adding machine, green, adding, calculator, tape, professional, machine, paper

Exsate DV Capture Live DV capture and encoding to AVI WMV on the fly. Display DV date time stamp
Exsate DV Capture Live

tape, search for the beginning of a recoding, etc. Automatically captures: - from the beginning to the current position of a tape; - from the current tape position to the end of a recording; - a whole tape from the beginning to the end; - any given timecode interval; Realtime recompression to AVI or ASF formats - recompresses captured video to an AVI file with any DirectShow or VfW compressor installed on your PC including DivX (AVI) or to the Window

video, time, date, mpeg4, mpeg, svcd, stamp, recompress, software, capture, movie, tool, minidv

Judy`s TenKey 5.3: Award-winning tape calculator: Ziff Davis Desktop Accessory of the Year!
Judy`s TenKey 5.3

TAPE: Records your calculations in a scrolling list which you can annotate, save, print, and resize (a real help in keeping track of your calculations). You can also modify tape entries, causing the tape to recalculate, or reuse previous entries in new calculations (saving typing and reducing errors). FLEXIBILITY: Judy`s TenKey can process numbers like a scientific calculator (RPN), an adding machine, or a normal calculator. If you are familiar with

financial, adding, tenkey, statistics, tape, calculator, machine

Floor Tape EasyPuzzle 1.15: Solve this simple jigsaw puzzle of floor tapes.
Floor Tape EasyPuzzle 1.15

Solve this simple jigsaw puzzle of floor tapes. Challenge yourself to complete in 5 minutes. Share with friends.

floor tape puzzle, puzzles, games, floor tape

Papertape Calculator 3.0: A full function calculator that records all entries to a paper tape. Graphics
Papertape Calculator 3.0

A full function calculator that records all entries to a virtual paper tape (text file). Simplifies checking of one`s work and allows multiple results to be displayed simultaneously. Includes equation solving, bin, oct, hex, time arithmetic and manipulation of external data sets that include curve fits. Molecular weights. Business apps: interest, annuity and loan calculations. Math: trigonometry, statistics, quadratic equations. More. Graphics.

time, data sets, currency, calculator, paper tape, cubic, normal curve, regression, stats, quadratic, binary, interest, curve fit

Bicycle Handlebar Tape 1.0: Bicycle Handlebar Tape toolbar for IE - product reviews and products for sale.
Bicycle Handlebar Tape 1.0

Bicycle Handlebar Tape toolbar for IE - product reviews and products for sale.

bicycle handlebar tape, ie toolbar, toolbar, browser toolbar

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